Little bit of this for your Friday.

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Fantastic tune.

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Literally one of the greatest songs I know.

Between the craft beer, deep fried pickles, pastrami on rye, doughboy donuts and Black Keys jamming all night… Late Night Diner is a bit of alright. (at Late Night Diner)

Got the @Serato Shepard Fairey #OBEY and Dan Tippett Vinyl on the wall #Stoked

Can’t get enough of this album.

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New cans courtesy of the good folk at @aiaiaicph!

Cool elevator (at Everybodys)

Hey Internet, I built a little randomizer web app. You should try it out. It’s for putting names in a hat and drawing them out. Give it a go at, feedback welcome!

The Swastika in today’s crossword seems a tad inappropriate…

Pint and a burger at New Zealand’s oldest Pub. (at Duke of Marlborough Hotel Russell)

Taking in a bit of culture and shit. (at Waitangi Treaty Grounds)

Look at this fucking mask! #DaFunk

Stoked to get my @quarterly package!


This came from a combination of boredom and excitement for a sneaky Friday off work.

Now, what to do with a long weekend…

#ghic #typography #design #willworkforbeer